Ideas for Hen Parties

A hen party can be the last big outing for the bride to be. This may be the last time she can go out with the other hens as a single lady. With that in mind, the hen party needs to be something special. There are some great ideas for a hen party to make it fun for everyone.

Go to the Spa
Everyone likes to be pampered. A hen party can be held at a spa. The ladies can get their facials and a relaxing massage. If the party thinks that the massage is a little too pricy for their needs they can host their home massage party. Many homemade facials can leave the face feeling smooth. With some relaxation techniques and a good drink, the spa can be easily brought to the home.

Afternoon Tea Party
This is something that is popular in the United Kingdom and can make a great party idea for the hens. In the afternoon tea and cakes are served in fancy China. This party can be planned in a coffee shop. It can also be prepared at home. With the right feeling, the tea party will turn an afternoon into a fun event for the hens to get together and to talk. Some cake and pastries will also make a good afternoon treat. (

Cooking Classes
There are many different cooking classes to attend. The party can book a class at a location or they can book a cooking instructor to come to their location. There are even cooking classes that can be viewed online. This will allow the hens to learn a new dish. If they want to make a day of it they can also learn to make some mixed drinks at the time. The instructor should have all of the supplies with them. If using an instructor online the hens in charge should make sure they have all of the ingredients that are needed ahead of time. (hen weekends)

Murder Mystery Dinner
This is a special event and can be a lot of fun especially with the popularity of true crime. The hens can go on the job and work together to figure out who the killer is based on the clues they will be given. There is often dinner served. The hens can also dress up for a night out on the town. (

Glamping is similar to camping only with more luxuries. Glamping is a way to enjoy the outdoors without having to rough it. Sleeping outside in a bell tent or a site that has electricity and a bathroom will make the evening fun. The hens will be able to tell some stories, have a few drinks, and enjoy being out together without being bothered.

These are some fun ideas for hosting a hen party. The hen party is going to allow the girls to come together before one of them gets married. The hen party should be fun for all and these ideas will help everyone have a good time.